A severely silted reservoir before dredging
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The Aquatic Group owns the largest, most advanced, and most powerful portable dredges in the world for waterway restoration.

Since World War II, the advent of large earth-moving machines has permitted the construction of dams, reservoirs and waterways on a large scale. These powerful structures, impounding large quantities of water, were designed for flood control, drought water supplies, and recreation. However, they also collected the natural sediment loads of the watersheds that they dam up. Silt fills the reservoirs and eliminates their water storage capacity. The flood control is diminished and the water supply during droughts is non-existent.

Worse, the silted-in shallows destroy the water quality. The wind stirs up the shallow silt and recently-deposited agricultural chemicals in concentrations totally unfit for human ingestion. Likewise, the shallows provide an excellent habitat complete with sunlight and oxygen for micro-organisms. These organisms release organic compounds to contaminate the entire reservoir with unacceptable tastes and odors.

Proper dredging and silt removal can eliminate the organisms, maintain the water-storage capacities and produce environmental amenities such as wetlands, recreational areas and fertile farmland. The Aquatic Group supplies design-build, turn-key solutions for reservoirs and waterway preservation.

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An extremely difficult dredging job
A major river being cleaned