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Our Mission

Preserving a balance within natural and man-made aquatic ecosystems while maximizing human uses of existing freshwater supplies in natural lakes, reservoirs, and river systems is an imperative obligation to all of us. Making wise use of both traditional and emerging expertise areas and technologies requires applying professional knowledge, skills, and expertise. These are directed to find customized solutions to often complex water problems and provide effective planning and guidance for site-specific management. The Aquatic Group combines these attributes in one company equipped to address a wide range of water quantity and quality problems.

  Our People

David Penny - (Chairman)
Penny has a mechanical engineering degree from MIT. He is experienced in research and development of marine equipment and has served as a water resources consultant for municipalities, state agencies, federal agencies, and the World Bank over the past thirty years. Mr. Penny is also the owner/founder of Master's Dredging Co.

Randy Canaan - (Chief Fabricator/Safety Officer)

Francis Thoennes - (Master Fabricator/Operator)
Sarah Muhoya - (Kenyan Representative)
Glenn Ginder - (Malaysian Representative)
Junius Penny - (Electrical Engineer)
Isaac Penny - (Mechanical Engineer)
Elijah Penny - (Apprentice Fabricatior/Operator)