The production of aggregates can recover dredging costs as this processing plant shows

An extremely difficult dredging job

An aquatic plant shredder restoring a waterway invaded by a non-native infestation



The Aquatic Group:
The Design-Build Group to
Solve Your Water Problems

"From the Raindrop to You"

The Aquatic Group - The design-build people to solve your water problems. Our scientists, engineers, managers, and equipment have solved some of the worlds worst threats to clean water. Non-native weeds, lethal organisms, forest fires, floods, and pollutants invade our waterways, rivers, lakes and reservoirs. They ruin our aquatic habitat and water supplies.

The Aquatic Group with its unparalleled experts and machines can banish these environmental invaders with creative and economic methods. Using cutting edge technologies, The Aquatic Group has restored wetlands, rivers, and lakes to natural, clean water conditions in the most economical method with its turn-key engineering - operation solutions.

Our most valuable asset, our people, are some of the most experienced engineers, scientists, managers, fabricators, and operators in the world. They love clean water and want the rest of the world to enjoy it too. Our people in The Aquatic Group recover waterways and water bodies with their minds and machines.

The additional sections of this website give you a taste of our people's skills and machines.

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