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Aquatic Weed Shredding

The Aquatic Group has developed the most advanced, cost-effective machines in the world to eliminate the bulk of noxious aquatic plants. The huge global infestations of water hyacinth (pictured right) can be destroyed with The Aquatic Group's mechanical treatment, which is less expensive and more friendly to the environment than chemical treatments.

The invasion of native and non-native vegetation and organisms is destroying many wetlands. Imported by man, birds or other animals, these plants and organisms, some beautiful and exotic, proliferate where they devour the natural habitat, dominating and destroying native plants and animals. Damaging plants clog the water ways, and suppress the sun and oxygen to create anaerobic conditions that release toxic chemicals. Also, these plants severely damage recreational opportunities such as boating, fishing, and hunting. Most generally the overgrowth occurs in shallow waters, especially the silted areas of reservoirs and lakes.

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