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Utilization of the current technology in the field of remote sensing and GPS (Global Positioning System) receivers integrated with sonar bathymetric terrain modeling allows for exact analysis of each site. Engineering within these computer models streamlines the process and gives greater accuracy to the logistical analysis, removing the uncertainty of cost to benefit each location.

Our remote sensing experts have developed special algorithms to analyze the satellite data. Their analyses can uncover new information and predict future aquatic events such as the optimal time for plant control or the time of future problems.

With computer models, the "what if" analysis allows for a more defined scope of work, answering on the fly, and difficult changes that would normally derail a project for weeks. Partnering these technologies, high volume dredging with location accuracy gives a complete picture to a normally open-ended cost associated with projects of this size, that have involvement of both private and public sector entities.

The Aquatic Group has broad experience in hydrology, surveying, advanced remote sensing, and environmental designs. In addition, The Aquatic Group includes a group of experts and university professors who solve difficult problems related to water quality (biological and chemical) and to water quantity (aquifers, watersheds, and siltations). This group combines hundreds of years of experience solving difficult problems with creative solutions.

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